InfinityHistoryServer 2.x — history data server

InfinityHistoryServer 2.x


  • Setting of data storing rule, algorithms of database size reduction.
  • Control of backup and warehousing.


Component SCADA Infinity InfinityHistoryServer 2.x  works as a data storage server, used for runtime indexes and process events storage, history data control and transmission of history data to client applications for display and analisis. Data and event archivationis implemented with high performance into external database.

Access of client applications and external components via OPC, HDA и SQL.

Several input/output servers InfinityServer and external servers OPC DA can be used as data source.

To meet the requirements of extra reliability of the system history servers backup can be implemented.

Building Different Systems with Infinityhistoryserver 2.X

Построение различных систем с InfinityHistoryServer 2.x

  • Receiving of signal data from input/output servers via OPC DA;
  • Access to data via OPC HDA, SQL
  • Data transportation from one source to several history data servers;
  • Possibility of data receiving and storage from several sources simultaneously.

Easy Navigation through Signal Tree Graph

Удобная навигация по дереву сигналов

  • Synchronization of tree graph structure of input/output server signal, synchronization of signal features only for those signals that are recorded provide user-friendliness and easy access to input/output and history server signals.

Backup of History Servers

Резервирование серверов истории

  • Duplication of history servers for high erreliability of datastorage.

ReliabilityOf Data Storage

Надежность хранения данных

  • Temporary data caching on disk, leveling of peak load and reliability of data storage in case of loss of connection with history data database.

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