About Us

Like any person's biography, the EleSy Company's history is inseparably associated with the history of Russia and the world. The company has been developed together with concepts of freedom and independence of the country; it went not only through economic upturns, but also survived the rouble default, gaining business experience and adopting new technologies.

We started off in 1990 when there was a lack of food products and essential commodities in Russia. However, the changing country offered new opportunities. By that time we established our company and in spite of all difficulties swore to labour at and to gain money from what we really like and have expertise in, i.e. development and implementation of different control systems.

Our aspiration determined the main principles of the company, which we are proud of and consistently follow always. These are: development of high quality products conforming to worldwide standards, compliance with terms and anticipation of customer wishes. High qualification of the team, feel for the market, benevolence for clients and professional pride boosted the company's growth to today's level.

We use our corporate intelligence, knowledge new technologies to improve the world of engineering systems and to bring the joy of creativity to the system designers. We provide innovative solutions to our customers and facilitate technological progress. We contribute to Russia's development and its integration into the global community.


Sergey Chirikov

General Director