The EleSy Company is aimed at achieving maximum mutual profits: an integrated solution for ensuring continuous and successful computer-aided technological production process for customers, and simultaneously development and continuous improvement of the technical system environment for EleSy.

Integrated computer-aided approach implies harmonizing the technical development, implementation and support processes. That is a primary mission the EleSy Engineering Company is focused on. The Company's specialists do their best for integrating the multivendor equipment and software in order to elaborate the most appropriate technical solutions.

A peculiarity of our company consists in custom-tailored approach which allows us to develop conceptually new solutions. This kind of approach is based mainly on consideration of the market demands.

What is more to the point, the customer has always an opportunity to get his technical specialists trained, to take advice on the equipment operating issues and to be constantly aware about new industrial automation developments.

Positive testimonials from our customers are the strongest evidence of our service quality.