Equipment and material supply

Logistics plays a key role in engineering process.

High-quality equipment and material supply in due time - that is the fundamental rule for our logistics specialists.

Our qualified logistics engineers are adequately skilled and experienced for meeting the production and client's needs at the appropriate level.

Our advantages:

  • continuous analysis of supply markets;
  • ability to select an equipment, which is optimal for a client in terms of prices, deadlines, quality and specifications;
  • provision of applied components with all required documents (certificates, licenses, etc.);
  • implementation of the self-developed Inventory Management System;
  • execution of the long-term teaming agreements (contracts) concluded with leading Russian and foreign manufacturers and distributors;
  • direct supplies from Europe through our own commercial agency in Berlin;
  • various delivery schemes by train, by plane, by car as well as their combinations, including HH deliveries.

We guarantee, the end customer will receive in due time the high-quality product which meets all his requirements and demands!