Turnkey commissioning

The EleSy Company specializes in comprehensive servicing for control and management system development processes. Our Company is able to provide full scope of design and manufacture services, starting from development stage and up to turnkey commissioning.

Turnkey commissioning contract may be regarded as a kind of general contract, modified to a certain degree. It is based on the systematic approach to project implementation, reasonably considering the functions and efforts of all project participants. As a result, total process efficiency rises, together with contracting performance, mainly due to:

  • coordination of the whole process, starting from design stage and up to commissioning;
  • control of work performance, material and technical equipment supply according to the unified schedule;
  • management centralization.

EleSy will:

  • conduct research work;
  • perform system and technology design;
  • elaborate technologically and mathematically based algorithms;
  • produce intelligent equipment;
  • develop and adjust software products;
  • perform assembling and commissioning of multivendor software and hardware packages;
  • carry out project expertise;
  • train technical specialists;
  • provide outsourcing services for previously commissioned systems.