Design documentation development

Design documentation development is the core process at the product development stage.

For developing the design documentation we use the most advanced computer-aided design systems, such as AutoCad Electrical and Inventor. Implementation of these systems has resulted in high performance of the staff engaged in development process. Opportunities associated with the computer-aided design systems enable minimizing the number of mistakes caused by human factor. The systems are being constantly upgraded and modified subject to requirements related to new products and solutions.

The personnel involved in development of the design documentation regularly undergo training and attend refresher courses, as well as new solution review courses arranged by worldwide process automation leaders. The staff professional level is kept permanently up-to-date allowing to implement the most advanced and optimal technical solutions. Besides, the specialists developing the design documentation stay always in close touch with manufacturing departments, which enables solving all the questions promptly and effectively (maintaining the development process) and considering meanwhile all the manufacturing peculiarities and specific customer requirements. The company has implemented a number of efficient computer-aided design documentation development and management procedures and technologies. We pay special attention to standard solution development and optimization.

The design documentation quality is ensured by means of the corporate quality management system and continuous monitoring through all the design documentation development stages.

Due to compliance with applicable standards and specifications, competent application of system components in the design documentation development process, we are able to supply the high quality and reliable products. Our customers' testimonials can be regarded as the most eloquent evidence hereto.