Software development

In order to ensure the best quality of software for a technological process subject to automation, we would outline three top-priority specializations:

  • teleautomation of remote facilities;
  • automation of technological facilities (processes);
  • dispatch control system development.

Teleautomation of remote facilities shall be made considering the communications length, remoteness from inhabited localities and communication quality. In software development process it is important to:

  • minimize the volume of information, transferred to the upper level;
  • nullify any software failure possibility;
  • develop simple and easily upgradeable software.

Automation of technological facilities shall be made considering the complexity of processes, diversity of equipment and system response time. Software development process shall imply:

  • detailed equipment, emergency and pre-emergency diagnostics;
  • diversity of service functions for easy checking, replacing, changing and setting the software and equipment;
  • modular approach;
  • convenient and detailed dataware ensuring the diversified software integrability;
  • automated approach to software development process.

Dispatch control system development process involves such rather complicated tasks as creating the distributed control system, which comprises several control levels geographically dispersed. The control system provides secure, reliable and timely data communication even in hard-to-reach areas, ensures high accuracy and actuality of the operational data, received by operator.

The software developers consider:

  • user-friendliness;
  • operability;
  • easy administering;
  • supporting any new functions, if eventually required.

Our specialists are sufficiently qualified and experienced to develop a high-class system assuming any peculiarities of your project.