Systems testing

System testing is an important and inherent stage of software and hardware development and production process, ensuring compliance with specification requirements. The equipment is assembled and packaged at the producing plant for carrying out system testing. In order to simulate the third-party manufacturers' equipment, the appropriate models or software simulators are applied, being usually created by our specialists using original software products and hardware simulation devices.

As a part of the system testing, the object model is created, controlled by the software and hardware system being tested. All the models are archived and accessible for reusing, thus ensuring the reproducibility of results. The Customer can be provided with the software and hardware system simulators mentioned above for instructing the operation staff and performing the independent tests.

System testing is carried out in accordance with a test program and procedures preliminary agreed with the Customer.

All defects revealed during system testing are registered in the electronic defect monitoring system and are available for using by system developers right upon the defect detection. The system also allows retrieving located faults thus ensuring their inevitable elimination.

System testing personnel are highly experienced both in testing and in related spheres (software debugging, system development), and regularly improve their personal skills and qualifications, adopting the best worldwide practices.