Warranty services

The EleSy Company pays significant attention to warranty service of the supplied production, applications and provided services. Warranty service and support are available for you at any time you wish.

It is common knowledge that contemporary automation equipment and computer-aided systems are rather complicated and, in view of that fact, are just as much reliable as each of their components/devices is. We use schemes implying redundance/backup to ensure the system fault tolerance. That is the best practice all over the world. In case a component fault occurs, we are ready to help you upon your request free of charge either remotely or, if necessary, coming to the site. Technical support specialists as well as Company experts are always at your disposal. In case a situation tends to become extremely critical, we are moving to the working site with all necessary spare parts for prompt restoring the equipment operability.

We provide a powerful kit enabling to support our users on the web site, which allows you to find the answer to your question easily or to send it to a support specialist. Moreover, every user registered on the Company's web site is also able to monitor his own executed requests history, track the status of current requests on-line and read the news on the topics he is concerned with and receive any proposals he is interested in.

We regard the needs of our customers with reverence both within the warranty period and long after it has expired. Our Company possesses the sufficient repair stock and our test specialists and service engineers are always ready to come to your site in due time upon your request. We highly appreciate your feeling protected.

As soon as the warranty period expires, you will be suggested to sign a system/application support service contract with regard to your system features and your personal requirements.

Our customers shall be assured to receive due assistance at all times, particularly concerning any necessary documentation and required software updates.