Oil Custody Transfer Metering System


The metering system is intended for automatic fiscal metering of commercial oil using direct mass dynamic method and to determine oil quality characteristics to be used in the documents considering commercial oil transportation from a supplier to a consumer at oil refinery sites and used for oil and oil products transportation.


The system consists of 3 major parts:

  • Process part;
  • Data collection and processing system (DCPS);
  • Utilities control system.

Process part:

  • Filtering system;
  • Measuring and control unit:
    • Quality measuring unit (QMU);
    • Meter run unit (MRU);
    • Flow and pressure control units;
    • Mobile pipe piston prover (PPP) connection unit.

Data collection and processing system (DCPS):

  • Information processing unit:
  • Information-computing system (ICS);
  • Automatic protection and alarm systems (PAS).
  • Operator workstation and printer.

Utilities control system:

  • Power distribution panel.

Main Features

  • Acquisition and processing of MRU, FU, QMU sensor signals, calculation and accumulation of oil gross mass, oil volume, average mass density, temperature and pressure of crude oil;
  • Indication of the following parameters: crude oil volume since extraction shift beginning; oil gross mass since extraction shift beginning; oil flow through each meter run; actual density, actual pressure and temperature of oil in MRU and QMU;
  • Automatic and manual printing and logging of the calculation results in the form of two-hour or per-shift reports or reports about oil batch extraction;
  • Automatic and manual control over the automatic sampler;
  • Manual input of density, temperature and pressure values in the case of sensor fault or absence;
  • Storing of constants of DCPS nonvolatile memory;
  • Possibility to seal controls which can affect measurement results;
  • Flow and pressure control;
  • Operating flow transducer verification using the standby reference flow transducer;
  • Metrological performance monitoring and verification of the operating and standby reference flow transducers.


  • Flexibility

The metering system may be installed at the open site or in a movable container house. The sheltered version provides cost savings due to use of components with lesser IP protection

  • Ease of use

All metering equipment is connected to the field bus improving metering accuracy and providing the best bus configuration and ease of cable lines use and service.

  • Reliability

High level of system availability and reliability is achieved by using measuring components from industry-leading manufacturers, redundant servers and data backup software.

  • Functionality

The system components provide for additional operation modes (simulation, testing and masking) and other features, such as unauthorized access protection and event logging to monitor personnel actions.

Block Diagram

Структурная схема СИКН