Our AST 1150 system is an advanced solution for building new and upgrading legacy substation protection and control systems of all kinds. It reflects the typical application needs and offers new opportunities to improve integration and control flexibility.

Main Features

  • Data collection and transmission via IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-101, 103 and 104 protocols;
  • Collection and measurement of power grid parameters;
  • Monitoring of high voltage transformers, switchgears, reactive power compensators, control equipment and transmission links;
  • Control of actuators, installed in substations with the voltage up to 1150 kV;
  • Monitoring of the current operation mode and status of the key single line diagram;
  • Electric power metering and balance calculations;
  • Automatic synchronization with a reference time to provide time stamp accuracy within 1 msec;
  • Process visualization and monitoring;
  • Visualization of real-time and historical data and reports at the operator workstation;
  • Generation and storage of alarms and events;
  • Real-time and historical signal trends visualization;
  • Historical database for measured and calculated signals, and commands (unlimited storage time);
  • Generation of reports customizable in accordance with customer requirements;
  • Access right management and remote access to operator screens via web interface;

AST1150 Configuration

  • Digital and analog  sensors for phase current, phase and linear voltage, power frequency, active and reactive power;
  • RTUs based on ELSY-TM PLC (EleSy), TM 1703 ACP and AK 1703 ACP (Siemens). The controllers have modular design with redundant  central processor and communication modules;
  • Industrial servers (I/O, history database, reference time);
  • Redundant operator workstation with 2 monitors;
  • SСADAInfinity (up to 500,000 tags) provides integration with standard Microsoft Windows applications;
  • Application software with  remote configuration;
  • Service toolset (service software, engineering console).



Transmission links

Fiber-optic and electric networks based on Ethernet.

Low-speed communication networks of RS232/422/485 standards.

Wireless networks (wireless modems, satellite and cellular networks).
Data communication spee

RS232/422/485 - up to 921 600 bit/s,

Ethernet (TCP/IP) - 10/100 Mb/s
Communication protocols IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-104,  IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-103, Modbus.
Telecommunication to control stations Delay time within 1 sec
Measuring channels (analog) 0…1/5 А, 0…100 V, 0…20 mА, -10…+10 V
Digital I/O signals ≈/= 12 V, ≈/= 24 V, ≈/= 110 V, ≈/= 220 V
RTU battery life 3 hours min
System lifetime 15 years min


  • Compatibility

AST 1150system enables to use the existing substation equipment (telecontrol systems, emergency registration system, emergency control automatics, relay protection devices and other) without rework and replacement of component parts. The system interfaces with existing systems of other vendors via standard data communications protocols IEC60870-5-101, IEC60870-5-104, Modbus RTU.

  • Reliability

The equipment used in the AST 1150 system provides high fail-safety, which is proved by its stable work in harsh environments, including remote unattended sites. Redundant CPUs and SCADAInfinity servers are available. Manufacturing of all stages of the system is organized in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 standard.

Digital sensors are arranges in separate suspended boxes with installed heating elements for outdoor use, providing protection level up to IP65. It reduces the length of measuring chains from current transformers, which, in turn, increases accuracy of conducted metering

  • Ease of use

Operator can access on-line system information from any remote device via the Internet. The system is protected against unauthorized access by security and user right authentication modules of SCADAInfinity.

Remote software configuration of controllers, relay protection and automatic equipment terminals is available for operations department, which enables to significantly reduce the time spent on reconfiguration of substation automation and telemetry equipment.

  • Scalability

AST 1150 system is designed to ensure scalability in hardware and functionality to adapt to growing customer requirements.

Standard Telemetry System Layout Based on AST 1150

Структурная схема телемеханики на базе ПТК «АСТ 1150»

Standard Control System Layout Based on AST 1150

Typical block diagram of telemechanics on the basis of AST 1150