Integrated automatic fire extinguishing system


Integrated automatic fire extinguishing system (AFES) is intended for fire protection automation for gas production, treatment and transport facilities. The AFES has modular or centralized designs with water and foam extinguishing installations.

Main Features

  • Reception of electrical signals from manual and automatic fire detectors with indication of number of the activated sensor or fire loop;
  • Monitoring of manual annunciator loops operability along their whole length with automatic detection of a break or short circuit;
  • Loop and flow line closing control;
  • Automatic release of fire extinguishing agent to the protected object (actuation of the necessary pumps and opening of shutoff valves);
  • Delaying of fire extinguishing agent release to the premises where people are possibly located;
  • Shutdown of automatic actuation of the fire fighting equipment with keeping the possibility of local (manual) actuation;
  • Automatic monitoring of operability of operational unit electric circuits, circuits of the warning system and sensors of technological parameters;
  • Automatic monitoring of levels in fire water and foamer tanks;
  • Automatic monitoring of pressure in starting bottles, automatic control of fire extinguishing agent weight for the gas-extinguishing installations;
  • Switching of warning (light/audio) of fire at a protected object;
  • Visualization of all operating procedures, state of annunciators or fire loops, current values of monitored parameters on operator's workstation screen or fire post operator's panel;
  • Storage and displaying of operations and history logs for the indicated period at operator's workstation or operator's panel.

Protected facilities:

  • Gas storage tanks;
  • Gas compressor station premises;
  • Complex gas treatment plant premises and facilities and other.

Actuated equipment of water and foam fire-extinguishing installations:

  • Fire water tanks;
  • Foam dosing tanks;
  • Water and foam supply pumps;
  • Fire-fighting valves;
  • Light and audio alarm systems.

Actuated equipment of gas fire-extinguishing installations:

  • Gas fire-extinguishing modules;
  • Weighting equipment;
  • Block valves;
  • Light and audio alarm systems.

Integrated automatic fire extinguishing system has centralized architecture on the basis of programmable logic controllers. Scanning of fire detectors and annunciators is realized on the basis of dust-ignition-proof construction MS-AP signaling devices in Exd case or ia level circuit, which allows for considerable reduction of cabling due to approximation of intellect to a controlled facility.


  • Flexibility

The system can be completed by modules allowing solving different fire protection tasks. Additional protected zones and fire fighting algorithm can me added without PLC reprogramming, using service functions provided by the system.

  • Versatility

AFES is compatible with all types of fire alarm boxes.

  • Functionality

The system components provide for additional operation modes (simulation, testing and masking) and other features, such as unauthorized access protection and event logging to monitor personnel actions.

  • Compatibility

AFES features compatibility with an array of industrial controllers from various vendors.

  • Quality guarantee

The system has all the necessary fire safety certificates and permits for use of Rostehknadzor.

Block Diagram

Структурная схема АСПТ объектов добычи, подготовки и транспортировки газа