Midstream Oil

Oil Custody Transfer Metering System

The metering system is intended for automatic fiscal metering of commercial oil using direct mass dynamic method and to determine oil quality characteristics to be used in the documents considering commercial oil transportation from a supplier to a consumer at oil refinery sites and used for oil and oil products transportation.

Pipeline Telecontrol System

Pipeline telecontrol system (PTS) is designed to control and monitor main pipeline facilities including control and monitoring stations, block valves, electrochemical protection stations, pig launching and receiving chambers, feeder disconnectors and electric power line circuit breakers.

Pump Station Automation System

Pump station automation systems (PSAS) is designed for control, protection and management of process equipment of a pump station. PSAS maintains optimum operation mode independently. Operation can be performed locally at the pump station or via a telemetry system from other customer's facilities.

Integrated Automatic Tank Farm Control System

Integrated tank farm control system is intended for automatic control over tank farms and oil processing plants production and raw stock.

Terminal Automation System

Terminal automation system (TAS) is designedfor automation of product receipt, storage and shipping processes.

Pipeline Operation Mode Control System

Pipeline operation mode control system (POCS) is designed for automatic start-up and shut-down of pipeline operation, switching between operation modes, independent maintaining of a specified operation mode and automatic emergency protection of a pipeline.

Automated power supply monitoring and control system

Power supply monitoring and control system (PSCS) is designed for automation of delivery, transformation, distribution and consumption of electrical power.

Integrated Automatic Fire-Extinguishing System

Integrated automatic fire-extinguishing system (AFES) is intended for fire protection automation for pump stations and tank farms.