Integrated Automatic Tank Farm Control System


Integrated tank farm control system is intended for automatic control over tank farms and oil processing plants production and raw stock.

Main Features

  • collecting data from level meters and pressure gauges about actual product level in the tank;
  • tank field isolating fittings control;
  • equipment protection in the case of emergency;
  • product parameters calculation according to the certified algorithms (oil product volume in each tank, total oil product volume for each grade, volume of free oil tanks, total oil product mass for each grade);
  • creation of reports and summaries about product transportation;
  • calculation of equipment (pumps, dampers) operating time;
  • process visualization at the operator's workstation or panel;
  • online and archive logs storing and displaying (for the specified period) at the operator's workstation and panel;

Scope of Automation

  • tanks;
  • stop valves;
  • pumps.


The system is designed as a three-level hierarchical system.

Components of the control room level:

  • I/O servers with redundancy support;
  • tank farm and stock operator workstations.

At the PLC level, PLCs are mounted in front-door control cabinets. Apart from PLCs, the control cabinets include intrinsically safe barriers and normalizing transducers.

Components of the filed device level:

  • sensors and indicators;
  • actuators.


  • Flexibility

The distributed control approach makes devices more intelligent, allows scalability, provides robustness due to redundancy.

  • Versatility

The system supports any types of level meters. It can be integrated in the commercial fiscal metering system.

  • Functionality

The system components provide for additional operation modes (simulation, testing and masking) and other features, such as unauthorized access protection and event logging to monitor personnel actions.

  • Compatibility

Use of open standards ensures compatibility with any device and any control system. Besides, integration with manufacturing execution systems is possible.

  • Quality Guarantee

The system has all necessary approvals and licenses.

Block Diagram

Integrated Automatic Tank Farm Control System Structural Scheme