Pipeline Operation Mode Control System


Pipeline operation mode control system (POCS) is designed for automatic start-up and shut-down of pipeline operation, switching between operation modes, independent maintaining of a specified operation mode and automatic emergency protection of a pipeline.

Areas of application include oil and gas transportation pipelines. The system provides better cost efficiency and process safety for hydrocarbons transportation.

POCS is based on reliable engineering solutions proven in various spheres of industrial automation applications.


  • Operator workstation
    • displaying information about the behaviour of the process and the progress of algorithm execution;

    • parameter setting and control instruction issue to algorithm controller;
  • Redundant PLC
    • dispatcher command processing and supplying information about algorithm execution for its displaying on the dispatcher workstation;
    • handling of the process information which comes from engineering equipment through the input-output server;
    • instruction issue in accordance with the fixed algorithms which are transmitted for action to the telemechanics system through the input-output server;
  • Redundant I/O server
    • process data collection and transmission to the algorithm controller;
    • sending executive instructions from the algorithm controller to the     telemechanics system;
    • information exchange between the dispatcher workstation and algorithm controller.

POCS interacts with a pipeline telecontrol system. For best efficiency POCS uses the same I/O server of the telecontrol system.

Main Features

  • Automatic safeguard of engineering equipment in case of emergency.
  • Automated control of engineering equipment in accordance with the fixed process.
  • Displaying information and reporting to dispatch personnel.
  • Information exchange with related systems available at the enterprise.
  • Organization of reporting on current and historical data.
  • Self-diagnosis of software and hardware tools.


  • Reliability

Hot redundancy of PLCs, and I/O servers. Redundant network equipment and operator workstations.

  • Safety

Automatic protection algorithms provide bumpless process shutdown mitigating pipeline accident risks. The system features inter-network screening to guarantee information security. Access rights administration system for server and client applications provides additional security.

  • Efficiency

Independent maintaining of optimum operation modes. High-performance I/O servers.

  • Openness

Support of OPC, OLE DB, ODBC, SQL protocols for data exchange.

  • Ease of Use

Easy-to-operate control system with elaborated user interface. Automatic report generation.

Block Diagram

Структурная схема системы управления режимом работы трубопровода