Pipeline Telecontrol System


Pipeline telecontrol system (PTS) is designed to control and monitor main pipeline facilities including control and monitoring stations, block valves, electrochemical protection stations, pig launching and receiving chambers, feeder disconnectors and electric power line circuit breakers.


PTS has three-level architecture.

Control room level:

  • I/O servers with redundancy support;
  • Operator and engineer workstations;
  • Communication and office equipment.

PLC level:

  • Programmable logic controller;
  • Intrinsically-safe converters;
  • Uninterrupted power supply system;
  • Surge and lightning protection devices.

Filed device level:

  • Sensors and actuators;
  • Fire and security alarm and access control subsystem;
  • Container house utility subsystem.

Main Features

  • Collecting data from managed sites concerning processing equipment and process parameters state, including data for leak detection system work;
  • Control action on controlled sites (shutoff valves control, remote regulation setting);
  • Availability and quality control of route power line voltage;
  • Security alarm support of sites (breaking of wells, control and monitoring stations, cabinets);
  • Visualization of transportation process;
  • Information and alarm messages outputting in the case of normal pipeline operation mode failure;
  • Logging of process parameters trends;
  • Equipment diagnostics;
  • Reports generation.


  • Flexibility

Support of event-driven data communication model for special types of signals.

  • Scalability

Unified approach to software and hardware elaboration (standard line of cabinets, standard software) guarantees simple system extension without additional spares.

  • Ease of use

Possibility of remote configuration of PLC software.

  • Distributed control

The system enables transferring equipment control right between control units in accordance with specified priorities.

Block Diagram

Структурная схема системы телемеханики трубопроводного транспорта