Gas Well Pad Telecontrol System


The integrated gas well pad (GWP) telecontrol system gathers information form all field facilities including well clusters, gas treatment station and shipment stations. The system monitors and controls geographically distributed well sites via RTUs installed in container houses onsite.

Scope of Automation

  • low pressure flare;
  • group metering station;
  • flow meters, temperature and pressure sensors;
  • gas treatment station;
  • shipment station;
  • fire and security alarm subsystem;
  • container house utility subsystem.

Main Features

  • monitoring of technological parameters;
  • automatic control of process facilities;
  • automatic shutdown of process equipment at a well cluster site when there is a fire alarm signal coming from the fire and security alarm subsystem;
  • communication and collection of information in one system server;
  • visualization of operating procedures on the basis of standardized screen forms;
  • generation of emergency and event messages;
  • storage of message history and message meanings;
  • control of operating procedures from unified screen forms;
  • provision of access to screen forms with differentiated access rights and a possibility of remote access via web interface;
  • displaying of messages in online and history modes;
  • report generation in accordance with customer's requirements.

Information exchange between subsystems is mainly carried out using wireless data communication networks on the basis of radio stations. Information from all wells is communicated to the redundant I/O server located at the container house of the gas treatment station, which functions as a field control center. Field operator's workstation is also located in the container house.


  • Flexibility

The system can be completed by modules allowing solving different telecontrol tasks.

  • Versatility

GWP telecontrol system can be used at different remote sites with different types of actuating devices and sensors.

  • Functionality

The system components provide for additional operation modes (simulation, testing and masking) and other features, such as unauthorized access protection and event logging to monitor personnel actions.

  • Quality Guarantee

The system has all necessary certificates and operation permits.

  • Turnkey Solution

GWP telecontrol system is delivered as a turnkey container house solution, which ensures optimal commissioning time.

Block Diagram

Структурная схема системы кустовой телемеханики газовых месторождений