Upstream Oil

Oil Well pad telecontrol system

The integrated oil well pad telecontrol system gathers information from oil well pads and transmits it to operator workstation for remote monitoring and control of geographically distributed well sites.

Automatic process control system for oil treatment plant

The system is designed for automatic control and monitoring of oil treatment plant processes to ensure its effective and safe operation.

Pipeline telecontrol system

Pipeline telecontrol system is designed for control and monitoring of process equipment consisting of control and monitoring station, shutoff valves units, electrochemical protection station, chambers of startup and reception of cleanup and diagnostic facilities, line dividers and route power line switches.

Automated power supply monitoring and control system

Power supply monitoring and control system (PSCS) is designed for automation of delivery, transformation, distribution and consumption of electrical power.

Integrated automatic fire extinguishing system

Integrated automatic fire extinguishing system (AFES) is intended for fire protection of oil filed facilities.