Automatic process control system for oil treatment plant


The system is designed for automatic control and monitoring of oil treatment plant processes to ensure its effective and safe operation.


The system consists of 3 major parts:

  • Oil Treatment Unit comprises heating, desalting and oil withdrawal sections;
  • Regulating Unit controls flow of crude oil emulsion;
  • Fuel Treatment Unit provides purifying of fuel gas from mechanical impurities and dropping liquid, gas drying, output gas pressure reduction and maintenance for supply to main and pilot burners, and to the plug.

Main Features

  • Monitoring of process parameters and equipment statuses;
  • Automatic protection of equipment in emergency situations;
  • Control of process pipeline block valves;
  • Control and protection of pumping units;
  • Control process parameters;
  • Equipment failure detection;
  • Process visualization at the operator workstation during normal operation, maintenance and commissioning;
  • Generation of reports;
  • Logging of field level event and operator actions.


  • Flexibility

The system can be completed by modules allowing solving different automation tasks.

  • Reliability and quality guarantee

High reliability of telecontrol system is achieved due to the use of system components with high reliability ratings.

  • Functionality

The system components provide for additional operation modes (simulation, testing and masking) and other features, such as unauthorized access protection and event logging to monitor personnel actions..

  • Compatibility

The system can run on any industrial controller.

Block Diagram

Структурная схема АСУ ТП УППН