Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing

Releasing new products, increasing production output, product upgrading with 100% guarantee of quality are objectives, which can be achieved only in cooperation with the EleSy Company.

The company guarantees high quality of its products regardless of the production volume and whether it is a prototype or an individual item of a product line. High technology, equipment and component requirements ensure electronics production compliant with worldwide quality and reliability standards.

In the company, there is implemented an original system of multistage planning and staged process quality control, checkout and testing in the course of the production process, ensuring absolute product compliance with design documentation, contract requirements and client's expectations.

EleSy provides the following services:


EleSy is a dynamic company. Every year the company implements new technologies, expands and upgrades its equipment stock. As a consequence, the company can guarantee to its clients the implementation of comprehensive manufacturing programs and holds leading positions among other contract manufacturers of electronics.

Let your product be more competitive! EleSy guarantees not only perfect quality, but also a flexible approach to project cost. When estimating the project cost, we consider various pricing factors, such as: order volume, reorder level, batch production, technical complexity, optional services, etc. They significantly affect the cost and can bring you up to 50% savings!