Production of electronics cases

The EleSy Company produces different metal case-shaped parts, standard and non-standard sized front dash panels of varied thickness, with manufacturing holes, threads and fasteners.

Корпус для сварочного аппарата Корпус для источника питания Корпус для источника питания (боковые части) Корпуса Копуса 2 Корпуса для медицинского оборудования

Application of an electronic component can be expanded using the EXd and IP cases. EleSy designs and manufactures cases for electronic equipment to be applied in explosion hazard zones as well as in high-moisture and dust areas.

Современное оборудование

Electroplated, paint-and-lacquer and powder coatings can be applied for the cases to give them protective properties and decorativeness. Product marking implies making of information plates (nameplates), and printing of image and text. The printing techniques applied are photo etching, silk-screen printing and mechanical engraving.