PARS1-DGP Container Houses

PARS1-DGP Container Houses


  • Easy multiple relocation;
  • Reliable protection of equipment in harsh environments;
  • Noise insulation and vibration resistance;
  • Main or backup power-supply source.

Basic Configuration

  • Swinging gate;
  • Entrances for service pipes and other apertures;
  • Ventilating louvers;
  • Electrical cabinets (auxiliary, security and fire alarm control);
  • Main, backup and maintenance lighting system;
  • Internal heating system.


  • Additional fuel tanks;
  • Reinforced floor frame;
  • Automatic fire-extinguishing system;
  • Automatic ventilation system;
  • Automatic fuel and oil refill system.

Equipment Layout inside PARS1-DGP

A diesel power plant is based on 1,1MW SDMO Х1100К diesel generator unit installed inside PARS1-DGP container house.

Technical Specification:

  • Overall dimensions 10х3х3,05 (LхWхH);
  • Weight 20 tons max.

PARS1-DGP container house has 2 compartments. One compartment houses SDMO X1100К diesel generator unit. Another compartment is for additional 1,000l fuel tank. The container house provides diesel generator noise reduction to 80dB max.


  • Power supply system;
  • Lighting system (working and emergency lighting);
  • Microclimate control system (heating, ventilation);
  • Security and fire alarm system.

Diesel power plants housed in PARS1-DGP container houses are ready-to-operate, manufacturer-tested and approved.


А1 - Diesel generator unit with control panel

А2 - Automatic transfer circuit breaker

А3 - Switchboard

А4 - Security and fire alarm control cabinet

А5 - Valve VKZ(H) 1800х1400

А8 - Fuel tank

А9,А10 - Air valve КВУ125

ВТН1...ВТН 4 - Fire alarm box ИП 105-10

ВТН5...ВТН 6 - Fire alarm box ИП 101-07

EL1...EL9 - ИЭК НПБ 1402

EL10 - Lamp НСП43М-21-60 УХЛ1

ЕК1,ЕК2 - Heater NOBO C4F

ЕК3 - Heater ВНУ-200Б1

Equipment configuration and layout may vary depending on diesel generator unit dimensions and customer technical specifications.