PARS2-DGP Container Houses

PARS2-DGP Container Houses


  • Improved durability and protection;
  • High operating safety;
  • Easy multiple relocation;
  • Swinging gate;
  • Improved noise insulation and vibration resistance;
  • Extended lifetime of diesel power plant and utilities;
  • Main or backup power-supply source;
  • Reliable operation in all environmental conditions.

Basic Configuration

  • Entrances for service pipes and other apertures;
  • Ventilating louvers;
  • Electrical cabinets (auxiliary, security and fire alarm control);
  • Main, backup and maintenance lighting system;
  • Internal heating system.


  • Additional fuel tanks;
  • Reinforced floor frame;
  • Automatic fire-extinguishing system;
  • Automatic ventilation system;
  • Automatic fuel and oil refill system.

Equipment Layout inside PARS2-DGP

A diesel power plant is based on 1MW CAT 3512 diesel generator unit installed inside PARS2-DGP container house.

Technical Specification:

  • Overall dimensions 10х3х3,05 (LхWхH);
  • Weight 20 tons max.

PARS2-DGP container house has 3 compartments. One compartment houses CAT 3512 diesel generator unit. Other compartments are for additional 1,000l fuel tank and auxiliary equipment of the generator unit. The container house provides diesel generator noise reduction to 80dB max.


  • Power supply system;
  • Lighting system (working and emergency lighting of 2 compartments);
  • Microclimate control system (heating, ventilation);
  • Security and fire alarm system.

Diesel power plants housed in PARS2-DGP container houses are ready-to-operate, manufacturer-tested and approved.


А1 - CAT 3512 diesel generator unit with control panel and built-in automatic transfer circuit breaker

А2 - Automatic transfer circuit breaker cabinet

А3 - Switchboard

А4 - Security and fire alarm control cabinet

А5 - Valve VKZ(H) 2015х1720

А6,А7 - Valve VKZ(H) 1600х1000

А8 - Valve VKZ(H) 1800х1400

А9,А10,А11,А12 - Air valve КВУ125

А13 - Fuel tank

ВТН1...ВТН 4 - Fire alarm box ИП 105-10

ВТН5...ВТН 6 - Fire alarm box ИП 101-07

EL1...EL9 - ИЭК НПБ 1402

EL10 - Lamp НСП43М-21-60 УХЛ1

ЕК1,ЕК2 - Heater NOBO C4F

ЕК3 - Heater ВНУ-200Б1