PARS1-CTP Container Houses

PARS1-CTP Container Houses


  • Easy relocation and re-erection;
  • Stable climatic conditions for equipment;
  • Easy installation and maintenance;
  • Extended lifetime of the equipment installed inside;
  • Reinforced structural elements in places of heavy equipment installation;
  • Short commissioning time at any location;

Basic Configuration

  • High-voltage boxes;
  • Separate doors in the transformer compartment;
  • Cable inlets and outlets;
  • Cable trays;
  • Electrical cabinets (auxiliary, security and fire alarm control);
  • Ventilation system;
  • Main, backup and maintenance lighting system.


  • Reinforced floor frame;
  • Automatic fire-extinguishing system;
  • Automatic ventilation system.

Equipment Layout inside PARS1-CTP

PARS1-CTP houses a complete transformer plant including two 6/0,4kV step-down transformers and auxiliary systems.

Technical Specifications

  • Overall dimensions 3х3х3.05 (LхWхH);
  • Weight 4.5 tons max.


  • Power supply system;
  • Lighting system (working and emergency lighting);
  • Microclimate control system (heating, ventilation);
  • Security and fire alarm system.


Equipment configuration and layout may vary depending on transformer capacity and customer technical specifications.

PARS1-CTP houses 2 step-down transformers enclosed in a cage. Cable inlets are provided through roof insulators mounted in HV boxes. Complete transformer plants housed in PARS1-CTP container houses are ready-to-operate, manufacturer-tested and approved.




А1 - Power switchboard

А2 - HV box

А3 - Emergency light Legrand 617

А4,А5 - Polar Bear electric drive

А6 - АГС-11/5 module

А7 - УПС 101-110-Э device

BGB1 - Fire alarm box Фотон-СК2

ВТН1,ВТН2 - Fire alarm box ИП 212-44

EL1,EL2 - Lamp ИЭК НПБ 1402

EL10 - Lamp ИЭК ЛПБ 3017

М1 - Ventilator KV 125M

TV1,TV2 - Transformer ТС-160/10-10/0,4 УХЗЛ