PARS1 Container Houses

PARS1 Container Houses


  • Fire resistance class 4;
  • Ambient class (from -50 to +50°С);
  • Durability and robustness provided by all-welded construction;
  • Service life 20 years min.;
  • Easy relocation and re-erection.

Structural parts - ready-to-operate all-metal welded construction. Frame structure: beams and pillars made of steel profile. Perimeter walls: 2mm corrugated steel panels.

Thermal insulation - excellent insulating characteristics are provided by modern environmentally friendly materials.

Customizable interior finishing - galvanized steel panels, profiled sheeting, PVC panels, MDF panels, wood chipboards or glass fiber-magnesite panels.

Door set - Steel thermoinsulated security door.

Customizable floor finishing - steel, wood, linoleum or rubber.

The base and walls have mounting fixtures for cabinets, boards and other equipment. A grounding bar is located along the perimeter of a house. 

Dimensions and Weight Characteristics

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