ESD-TR – Soft Starter

ESD-TR – Soft Starter


  • Soft start, stop and dynamic breaking
  • Reversal control
  • Current limitation at starting, moving and breaking
  • Embedded macroprogram operation mode
  • Intelligent self-diagnosing system
  • Output voltage control
  • Phase and supply voltage monitoring
  • Special options for application as a part of shut off and control valves
  • Easy and accessible integration into the automated process control systems

Device Description

The ESD-TR is designed to control and protect three-phase induction motors of 0.5-11 kW and to be used as a part of the electric actuator for stop valves, shut off and control valves, pump components, ventilating blowers, compressor systems, pressure machines, breaking machines, grinders, conveyors, lifting equipment, machine tool systems, centrifugal machines and packaging equipment.


Interfaces and operating controls

  • Embedded control board with symbol display, state and operation indicating light, control and programming push-button station;
  • RS-485 (Modbus RTU) serial interface for data exchange with the automated process control systems;
  • Contact and analog I/O.


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