ESD Simulator - Software Simulator for Stop Valve Actuator

ESD Simulator - Software Simulator for Stop Valve Actuator


  • Simulation of possible supply voltage variations
  • Valve gate status considering and the developed resistive torque plotting
  • Simulation of serial and digital interface operations as well as a local control panel of the control block

Device Description

The ESD Simulator is designed for the user to study the functions and properties of the electric drives (stop valve actuators) of ELESYB and INTELLECT series as well as it can be applied for training the maintenance personnel.


  • Simulation of various operating conditions including the emergency situations
  • Setup of the electric drive (actuator)
  • Electric drive potential operation testing: position calibration, two-way torque coupling adjustment, teleindication and telecontrol functions configuration
  • The event log can be used for operation by both the simulator and actual electric drive (actuator)

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