ТМА-301, ТМА-301.1

ТМА-301, ТМА-301.1 - Remote Analog I/O Module


  • 3 analog inputs
  • Communication via RS-485 interface and Modbus RTU protocol
  • Three PID-controllers to configure three-loop subordinate control system
  • Output circuit and connecting circuit monitoring
  • Intelligent self-diagnosing system

Device Description

The TMA-301 and TMA-301.1 modules are designed to measure and convert DC continuous signals or DC voltage output signals using three independent channels and PID-control function, as well as to convert programmed control signals using the specified algorithm for continuous DC signals or DC voltage signals generation.

Embedded and utility software allows designing and debugging of three-loop independent PID-controller with possible remote control parameter setting.

The modules have the Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments.

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