Our design institute provides oil, oil-refining, gas, power industry enterprises and housing/utility services with various comprehensive solutions.

Design object are as follows: residential, public, industrial and manufacturing buildings, constructions and sites of any complexity, structural concept, type of activity and authority. The design institute aims at the comprehensive approach to the project works execution. We offer all kinds of design works, ranging from selection of a land plot and performance of a set of engineering surveys till obtaining required authorization for construction documents and carrying out the field supervision procedure.

The design institute is experienced in projecting the following facilities:

  • petrochemical plants;
  • oil-transfer and filling stations;
  • tank batteries;
  • petroleum storage depots;
  • boiler plants;
  • linear pipelines.

A number of manufacturing enterprises, functioning in Russia today, have been built upon our projects. Our major advantages are as follows:

  1. a team of experienced professional specialists, capable of working out and bringing to life automated systems, that meet modern enterprise organization and management requirements;
  2. close cooperation with the customers;
  3. product and service quality inspection according to ISO-9001-2001;
  4. dynamic response to the market demands and individual customers' needs;
  5. electronic document management contributes to prompt document preparation, ensuring considerable growth of executors' efficiency;
  6. enterprise planning system enables to monitor continually the project execution progress;
  7. special software with optionally applying the computer-aided technologies, i.e. CADD-3D;
  8. experience in projecting for different climatic and natural environments;
  9. scientific and technical potential (design and estimate documentation archives, CADD-3D technique, state-of-the-art technologies,  normative and technical documentation library).

All projecting activities are certified with required documents.