Project Manager Office

Efficient project management is based on integration of information planning systems, Quality Management System documentation flow and organization, and project maintenance work.

Engineering Survey Department

The department fulfills surveys for justification of the pre-project documentation, projecting and construction of new plants, expansion, reconstruction and technical upgrade of existing enterprises in all kinds of building

Electrical Engineering Department

Electrical Engineering Department can both accomplish individual projects and contribute to integrated engineering tasks. Project planning is exercised generally for new construction as well as for objects under rebuilding and upgrading.

Automation and Telecommunication Department

The department is engaged in automatic process control system projecting both for oil-and-gas and other industries

Construction Department

Major areas of engineering:

  • manufacturing buildings differing by construction and function specifications (planning of warehouses, hangars, production workshops)...

HVAC, Utility and Technology Department

The HVAC, utility and technology department is responsible for partial project contribution within its area of competence during comprehensive design work related to new objects and reconstruction of existing ones.

Budget and Construction Organization Department

The budget and construction organization department works out the construction organization project disciplines, thoroughly evaluating resource requirements and preparing detailed work schedules.

Design Estimate Examination and Compliance Department

The major objectives of the design estimate examination and compliance department are:

  • maintenance of the project and engineering documentation quality...

Environmental Protection Department

The essential condition while working out a set of project documentation relating to prospective business activity is ensuring without limitation the ecological, industrial and fire security in process of constructing and operating the oil/gas exploration, production and refining as well as transporting facilities.