Design Estimate Examination and Compliance Department

  • Monitors possible errors during projecting stage and issues documentation to be examined on whatever complex and authoritative level.
  • Implements compliance assessment and integrated control of own projects.
  • Performs independent appraisal of projects carried out by third-party design organizations.

The major objectives of the design estimate examination and compliance department are:

  • maintenance of the project and engineering documentation quality;
  • evaluating the project and engineering documentation quality by means of creating electronic quality charts for every project executor, with analysis and classification of customers' and authorities' claims and comments;
  • control of the project and engineering documentation compliance with current procedures and technical regulations, Construction Design and Estimate Documentation standards and other standardization documents and technical requirements, industry-specific standards and project specification;
  • ensuring correlation between design decisions, proposed by specialists of various disciplines, as well as between working drawings with differing codes;
  • achieving a high level of standardization for the designed buildings, constructions and facilities  by means of generally applying standard design methods, unified structures, products and components;
  • ensuring the project and/or engineering documentation is consistently executed, recorded, archived and updated.


Our highly qualified specialists are certified by the Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision (Rosthekhnadzor).

The department updates the regulatory and legal framework on an ongoing basis.

The department possesses a voluminous library of manuals and design standards.