Input/output and processing
tehnology data

Data exchange in
distributed systems

Inntegration with
third-party systems

InfinityServer red blue InfinityClientSecurity InfinityWebRouter InfinityETL cogwheel

SCADA Infinity logo 2

software and tool suite intendent
to implement process automation systems

Archiving techonology
Vizualizing automation
Notifying about
Analizing data and
InfinityHistoryServer DB InfinityHistoryPlayer InfinityHMI eye InfinityWebHMI InfinityAlarms InfinitySender mobile InfinityGroupAlerts
InfinityTrends InfinityReports


SCADA Infinity is a powerful multi-functional SCADA system for development, setting-up and application of the control systems for distributed productions. Power and scalability of SCADA Infinity platform is based on 25-year experience of EleSy in creation, installation and maintenance of systems for process control of large production facilities.

SCADA Infinity can be applied at industrial enterprises of absolutely different scale and degree of distribution of production. SCADA Infinity allows you to design a project using only functional components which are necessary due to purpose of the automation project.

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