About SCADA Infinity

SCADA InfinitySCADA Infinity is a software and tools suite aimed to develop automated process control systems.

SCADA Infinity can be applied at industrial enterprises of absolutely different scale and degree of distribution of production. SCADA Infinity allows you to design a project using only functional components which are necessary due to purpose of the automation project.

SCADA Infinity development platform is provided for free. You pay only for runtime licenses, a desired number of tags, and a set of selected system components.

We provide technical support in Russian. Educational resources and training on system development and administration conducted in the licensed educational center of EleSy company.

SCADA Infinity ‒ full-featured automated process control system

  • Visualization of automated processes via displays with control functions, plots, tables, event logs.
  • Analysis and monitoring of automated processes, informing of occurred events and accidents.
  • Operator and automated control.
  • Reliable data collection and logical mathematical processing in real time.
  • Saving and providing full history of production process.

Flexible and rapid development of SCADA systems

  • Multifunctional tools for development of visualization (HMI):
    • Creating displays with various level of details and control functions.
    • Assigning dynamics, animation, and functions to graphic objects.
    • Libraries of ready typical graphic objects and option to save your own objects.
  • Openness and compatibility of the system:
    • ActiveX, OPC, OPC UA, ODBC, OLE DB.
    • IEC 61850-8-1, IEC 60870-5-101/103/104, Modbus (TCP/IP & RTU/ASCII), SNMP, ICMP, etc.
    • Option to develop algorithms of monitoring and control of automated processes with the help of embedded programming languages such as Visual Basic for Applications, C#.
  • Integration with third-party systems into a single information space (with other SCADA systems; data bases such as ORACLE, MS Access, Firebird, etc.; MS Office, etc.)
  • Minimum requirements to developer knowledge due to configuration interfaces which do not need any programming skills.
  • Realization of additional system logics due to functions of mathematical and logical data processing.
  • Documentation in Russian and English languages.
  • Further expanding capacities and system functions due to licenses purchased.

Easy to use SCADA Infinity

  • Powerful visualization tools:
    • Presenting automated processes as displays with control functions.
    • Option to create layers with various details (Enterprise -> Workshop -> Object).
    • Displaying plots, tables, event logs.
    • Automatic generation of reports with use of charts, diagrams, formulas, and scripts of preliminary data processing.
  • Automatic control:
    • Automatic control of object parameters.
    • Automatic issuing commands according to specified conditions.
  • Reliable redundancy of the system and 24/7 work guaranteed:
    • Mode of hot redundancy, automatic switch to the standby I/O server and backwards.
    • Current state of the standby server due to synchronization of runtime data.
    • Duplicating the history server.
    • Redundancy of network communications.
  • High performance of the system even with more than 1 000 000 serviced tags in one distributed project.
  • User-friendly interface. Context sensitive help system. Pop up messages.
  • Remote production control from any place:
    • Access to visualization via a web-browser (WebHMI), even from handheld devices.
    • Informing via SMS and e-mail with attached reports, oscillogram files.
    • Issuing commands.