InfinityHistoryPlayer – Play back automation process

InfinityHistoryPlayer – Play back automation process

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Analysis of the technological situation on the basis of the repeated reproduction of the history of the technological process in the operational mode.

General Functions

  • Obtaining historical data and making them available to client applications as real-time operational data.


  • Collection of OPC HDA data.
  • Providing received analog, discrete and string data to client applications in real-time by OPC DA.
  • Flexible settings for speed and playback mode, the time interval for playback.

General Information

The InfinityHistoryPlayer component is designed to analyze the technological situation based on the repeated reproduction of the process history in the online mode.

Specifics of the InfinityHistoryPlayer operation consists in setting the data acquisition by the component from the historical data server on the OPC HDA specification and converting the historical data to the OPC DA format, through which the InfinityHMI, InfinityTrends client applications receive the data.

Thus, client applications reproduce historical data in the form of real-time data, which allows you to use applications for analysis of emergency situations and training of maintenance personnel.

Visual Playback

Visual Playback

  • A convenient graphical control panel that allows you to flexibly control the playback process.
  • Changing the playback speed allows you to scroll, or to consider in detail the necessary time intervals.
  • Moving the displayed time point using the "slider" allows you to find the right moment to play.
  • Playback in the opposite direction.

Easy to Setup

Easy to Setup Easy to Setup

  • Simultaneous playback of the history and viewing of real-time data in one client application ensures continuity of operational control of the technological process during the history playback.
  • The absence of the possibility to change the history ensures the reliability of the historical data use.

ActiveX Component Functions

ActiveX Component Functions

  • The implementation of InfinityHistoryPlayer as an ActiveX component makes it easy to use all its features, for example, on the InfinityHMI mnemonic schemes.