Functional Capabilities

Flexible Architecture of SCADA Infinity

A large variety of SCADA Infinity architectures provides an easy adjustment of process control system and a great choice for new projects. SCADA Infinity can be implemented into a production process without its interruption. SCADA Infinity functions can be extended online. All these features allow you to easily scale the system: from dozens of tags to one million tags without any damage for production and real-time mode. If you use SCADA Infinity, you will get great advantages today and investment protection in the future.

Visualization of automated process

With SCADA Infinity, operators will get information that is really required to control the automated process. Powerful visualization and notification tools, tools for building trends and generating reports allow general managers to handle consolidated data. A manager has convenient tools to make quick and correct decisions because he can rely on summary information and omit unnecessary details.

Monitoring and security of SCADA Infinity

Each process control system must have a high level of protection against failures, unauthorized access, and changes. SCADA Infinity features greatly enhance the level of applications security.

Reliable data storage

EleSy Company developed a real-time data base management system which provides high performance and secure storage of automated process data. The InfinityHistoryServer component is based on this data base management system. With the average speed of reading/writing (150,000 values per second), the history server is able to withstand peak load of up to 2,000,000 operations per second and maintain accuracy of timestamp with 100 nanoseconds.

High performance I/O server

SCADA Infinity real-time server is a core of the system and is aimed to collect and process data, control production equipment.

Notification about alarms and events — detailed, fast, secure

SCADA Infinity notification system provides with comprehensive information about accidents and events within a very short time and in the convenient style. This is what you need to quickly identify reasons for equipment failures and to reduce downtime.

Enterprise-wide Reports

SCADA Infinity reports provides with powerful functions to automate reporting procedure of the enterprise production process both on the production facilities operating level and management level.

Trends — visual tool for analytics

Powerful SCADA Infinity tools used for building trends allow to conduct analysis of process parameter changes with use of demonstrative plots and tables. Data sources are runtime and history servers. Thus, trends help operators analyze dynamics of the automated process and identify deviation reasons correctly.