Reliable data storage

Described functions are developed in the component:

InfinityHistoryServer DB InfinityHistoryServer
InfinityHistoryPlayer InfinityHistoryPlayer


Data base real time management system of proprietary solution

EleSy Company developed a real-time data base management system which provides high performance and secure storage of automated process data. The InfinityHistoryServer component is based on this data base management system. With the average speed of reading/writing (150,000 values per second), the history server is able to withstand peak load of up to 2,000,000 operations per second and maintain accuracy of timestamp with 100 nanoseconds.

Architecture of History Server

Data is collected from the server of runtime data via a special collector. This fact allows to create systems with guaranteed data storage and high performance with any load of the I/O server. Built in means of leveling load provide with data saving without any data loss at transferring operations and accidents.

A history collector can run actually on the I/O server, history server or stand-alone personal computer. This flexibility allows to increase historical data storage reliability, and if connection is lost, prevent the I/O server from excessive load.

The server supports the following data types: integer, real data, logical, string, arrays. Tools of filtering written data are built in the History server. These tools are configured according to time and value intervals.

Architecture of History Server

Playing back History

Special means of playing back the history of parameter changes allows to watch the process progress in real time. Client applications play back historical data on the mnemonic scheme. This option helps to analyze emergencies, identify causes of accidents, and train operators.

Playing back History

High effectiveness with any scale of the system

The history server optimizes requirements to the hard drive space with any data volume. High record density up to 20 bytes for one signal provides with high effectiveness of process data storage and cuts costs for hardware of the system. The option of archive decomposition by time allows to get high performance of reading data from the history server, and data writing and reading operations can be performed at one time.

The described functions are realized in the InfinityHistoryServer component. The functions of playing history back is realized in InfinityHistoryPlayer.