Notification about alarms and events — detailed, fast, secure

Described functions are developed in the component:

InfinityAlarms InfinityAlarms
InfinitySender mobile InfinitySender


SCADA Infinity notification system gives all information about alarms and events in the shortest time and convenient view. These conditions allow to identify reasons for equipment failure and reduce downtime.

Up-to-date features

SCADA Infinity notification system tracks events occurred during the automated process and display them on mnemonic scheme in convenient view. Data sources are servers of runtime and history data.

When a new alarm has come, operator can acknowledge it and leave a comment. This option allows not to load mnemonic schemes with information that have already been received by operator.

Alarms come as a list of messages with different color and priority. You can set up sound parameters for a group of alarms. The options of filtering and sorting messages allow to focus operator's attention only on important events. This is especially important when the number of alarms increases greatly in case of some emergency. Operator gets key information about failures of principal equipment, and can make correct decisions to solve problems occurred because of the emergency immediately and without any panic.

Exporting a list of alarms to a file with XLS, HTML, and XML extension helps analyze the history of emergency in a convenient view. ActiveX technology integrates SCADA Infinity notifications into third-party applications.

Important events are always under control

SCADA Infinity includes a special component which is intended to notify about alarms and events via SMS and e-mail. Information about important events is always available now.

Even if key technical employees are away on business, they can give important consultations to prevent an emergency situation from progression.

Advanced options of data transfer from runtime and history server containing any files of a definite time interval, allow to receive detailed information about the automated process progress even with a phone available without Internet access. You can issue a command to generate a report, and it will be immediately sent to e-mail or backward SMS.

Lists of recipients are easily configured and grouped, and sent messages are filtered according to categories, priority, type, event text, and tag name. You can specify unlimited number of phone numbers and e-mails for one user.

Described functions are realized in InfinityAlarms. Options of sending SMS and e-mail are realized in InfinitySender.