High performance I/O server

Described functions are realized in the component:

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SCADA Infinity I/O server of real-time data is the core of the system which collects and processes data, and controls production equipment. The I/O server of real-time data is the source of information to perform the following tasks:

  • Visualization of the automated process
  • Notification about alarms and events
  • Building trends
  • Generation of reports on production process state, etc.

Accurate system of time synchronization guarantees all automated process information is processed and stored in a common time standard.

High performance I/O server

Optimum choice for data exchange

Efficient use of existing connection channels is achieved by configuring data exchange by its actual change. Now there is no need to request data from all signals and thus load connections. When designing a system, this fact gives the opportunity to center not on the system scale, but on the number of changes occurred in the project per a time unit.

When configuring a project, a developer can use other options of data exchange, for example, by schedule or occasionally.

Process signals easier and faster

Due to the computation module built in the I/O server, a developer of the SCADA project has more features to use. Arithmetical and logical data processing is performed on the server and then resulting data is stored to the server. Data becomes available for all client applications and there is no need to make additional settings for signal process. This fact simplifies the development process and maximizes productivity.

Features to process data by condition or date and time are also available for you to use. The server behavior can be set up depending on the production process requirements: scenarios specified earlier are performed if data is changed.

Control and even more

SCADA Infinity server of real-time data has an essential feature that is control state of connection to data sources. If connection is lost, information about state becomes available for the operator immediately. And thus, operating staff can react quickly and solve problems in communications immediately. There are also such features as quality control and diagnostics of data accuracy.

Described functions are realized in the InfinityServer component