Monitoring and security of SCADA Infinity

Components described below:

InfinityClientSecurity InfinityClientSecurity
InfinityMonitoring InfinityMonitoring


Each automated process must have a high level of protection against failures, unauthorized access and changes. With built-in options, SCADA Infinity security system rises to a new level.

Centralized management of user accounts

The domain politics of Microsoft Windows is the essential part of the SCADA Infinity security system, that's why administration of user accounts is much easier. For example, when hiring a new operator, just create a new user account and that will be enough! If you fire (dismiss) an operator, just remove its Windows user account and then all his rights of access to SCADA Infinity system will be removed automatically. Thus, management of user accounts is centralized, and a unified corporate standard of the network security can be applied.

SCADA Infinity provides each user (operators, technologists, administrators, etc.) with access to the system using a login and password. Rights of access to the system are configured according to job duties of the user: list of applications, application functions, and time intervals. A function of setting up rights for user groups is built in SCADA infinity to simplify the configuration procedure.

Centralized management of user accounts

Convenient Monitoring Tools

Monitoring functions realized in SCADA Infinity, give wide opportunities to provide with a high level of object security. Data about events, files, services, and processes is available to the administrator of the system or security service in a web-browser via the SNMP protocol.

The function of tracking time of application activity and login helps audit user attempts to access to enterprise resources which user has no rights to.

Monitoring started processes, services, and installed software allows to close applications which user can use for personal ends (for example, web-browsers, messenger, etc.). Besides, the system supports its operability. Statuses of all own and third-party services and processes (for example, Microsoft Windows) are constantly monitored and in case of failure, they are restarted automatically.

The function of prohibition for operators to close/minimize mnemonic schemes is built in SCADA Infinity. The standard «Start» menu becomes unavailable that's why an operator performs only his duties. Besides, SCADA Infinity allows to monitor operator's actions. This option is extremely helpful when you have to analyze accidents and take into account all factors resulted in the accident.

You can perform immediate diagnostics and troubleshooting using statistic logging of errors of connection to controlled equipment, and also between SCADA Infinity components. For example, if connection to a remote input/output device is constantly interrupted, the system will notify administrator about the problem.

Monitoring CPU load, RAM, and hard drive help maintain system operability and high performance. For example, when writing values, the system gives warning message automatically that a hard drive is running out of free space. Besides, if properly configured, the system will prevent user from running an application which can influence on SCADA Infinity performance.

Convenient Monitoring Tools

Convenient Monitoring Tools

The described functions are realized in InfinityClientSecurity. Functions of monitoring operator's actions and collecting diagnostic parameter values are realized in InfinityMonitoring.