Trends — visual tool for analytics

Described functions are realized in the component:

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Powerful SCADA Infinity tools used for building trends allow to conduct analysis of process parameter changes with use of demonstrative plots and tables. Data sources are runtime and history servers. Thus, trends help operators analyze dynamics of the automated process and identify deviation reasons correctly.

More than just trends

Flexibility of tools for trends configuration allow a SCADA project designer to use only one trend field for several parameters values, or use several trend fields. Data can be displayed as plots, histograms, or tables. The SCADA Infinity component supports exporting tables to MS Excel. VBA tools allow trends to be combined with information about alarms, events, and this option makes analytics easier.

Access to data after repeated requests is greatly increased due to technology of caching signal tree. ActiveX technology allows to integrate SCADA Infinity trends into third-party applications.

SCADA Infinity trends allow to analyze any values such as fluid or gas consumption, energy consumption, etc. Trends are displayed on the operator's screen in real time and on the basis of history data. User can set up data update frequency from dozens milliseconds up to several hours. Convenient navigation system allows to change time interval, zoom a displayed field and move trends. Each plot has detailed properties such as a color, tag name, current and maximum values, date and time, signal quality. Besides, an operator is able to add comments to trends.

Described functions are realized in InfinityTrends.