Licensing Policy

SCADA Infinity development environment is distributed for free. You buy only licenses for tags[1] and functional modules required for a specific project. This fact allows to pay only for the system scale that is really required.

Sentinel dongles are used for component protection. SCADA Infinity server-end components require a local dongle. A network dongle controls a maximum number of concurrent connections of client applications (for example, 10 at maximum). Systems of visualization, notification, trend building, playing back history of the automated process work on this basis.

List of licensed SCADA Infinity components:

  • InfinityServer - server of real-time data (I/O server). Functions of the I/O server are determined by the following components which are licensed separately:
    • GOST R IEC 101/104 Master Module
    • GOST R IEC 103 Master Module
    • GOST R IEC 104 Slave Module
    • Modbus RTU/ASCII Module
    • Modbus Ethernet TCP/IP Master Module
    • Modbus TCP/IP Master Module
    • ТEМ-104 Module
    • OPC Property Synchronization Module
    • OPC UA Data Server Module
    • OPC UA Data Client Module
    • OPC UA Event Server Module
    • ICMP Module
    • SNMP Module
    • Statistics Module
    • FTP File Access Module

    There is also a list of modules which are included into InfinityServer and do not require any fee:

    • ОРС DA Server Module
    • ОРС DA Client Module
    • ОРС АЕ Server Module
    • Computation Module
  • InfinityHistoryServer - high-performance server of history data.
  • InfinityReports - system of report generation
  • InfinityAlarms - display of messages about alarms and events.
  • InfinityTrends - building trends, plots, tables
  • InfinityHMI - display of mnemonic diagrams to monitor automated process
  • InfinityWebHMI - a client for remote viewing of automated process in real-time via web-browser.
  • InfinitySender - notification about alarms and events via sending SMS and e-mail. These are variants of component licensing:
    • sending notifications via SMS and e-mail
    • sending notifications via SMS and e-mail. Option of transferring files and HAE data
  • InfinityClientSecurity - system for management of rights access to client applications
  • InfinityMonitoring - control for operability system
  • InfinityHistoryPlayer - playing back history of automated process
  • InfinityETL - system of data export/import
  • InfinityWebRouter - system of transportation of technological data
  • InfinityOLEDBProvider - receiving OPC HDA and HAE data via SQL requests
  • InfinityOPCUAGateway - gateway of OPC UA data
  • InfinityIEC61850 - integration of equipment working with the IEC 61850-8-1 MMS protocol
  • InfinityGroupAlerts - emergency and alerting notifications by event groups
  • InfinityOPCUATransport- data transport between wide-area data sources and client applications


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  1. "Tag" is a term used when talking about configuring the I/O Server. In this case, tag is any element of the I/O Server configuration which includes information about a type (Bool, String, Double, Float, LongInt, SmallInt, ShortInt, DWord, Word, Byte). The "input/output point" term is used in many third-party SCADA systems. There is no definite dependence of a number of tags to a number of input/output points. This ratio depends on a specific project implementation. In the mean, the ratio is as follows: 1 " input/output point " = 20 "tags".