Training courses

Training courses

The Educational Center of EleSy Company provides training in the administration and development of projects based on SCADA Infinity. The practical work included in the training helps to effectively solidify the theoretical knowledge gained. Educational classes of the educational center are open in Tomsk city. The address is Altayskaya street 161A. Training in your territory is possible, specify the information when requesting.

Information and methodological materials and a certificate confirming the qualification of the SCADA Infinity specialist are granted to you after training.

Training is performed in Russian.

Nearest training dates

April 13, 2020

To take the training courses and get more information, contact us:

  • Phone.: +7 (3822) 601-012, 601-055
  • Fax: +7 (3822) 601-001
  • E-mail: scada@elesy.ru

After receiving your application for training, our managers will contact you in sufficient time in advance, coordinate and organize the training courses.

A certificate of professional development and a license to conduct training

Sample of the Certificate License for educational activities of EleSy Company

General description of training

"Administration" course

The course is intended for specialists engaged in maintenance and configuringprocess control system including SCADA Infinity. You will study all main components of SCADA Infinity, their purpose, installation, configuration parameters and the basics of configuration.

Much attention is paid to the tools diagnosing the performance of SCADA Infinity components and the practical use of these tools.

You will be given much independent work during the course. It is assumed that each trainee will install and configure a backup pair of servers and a workstation that receives data from this pair of servers.

There is a separate section devoted to the independent troubleshooting in the process control system. Trainees will be asked to restore the operation of the automated process control system with errors introduced in the configuration of SCADA Infinity.

The course does not involve creating complex elements of the automated process control system. All created configurations are simple enough and are intended only for demonstrating the possibilities of installing, configuring and diagnosing SCADA Infinity.

"Development" Course

The course is for specialists developing projects based on SCADA Infinity.

It is assumed that students already have enough knowledge of SCADA Infinity (at least from the Administration course). That means,you will not study issuesof installation, configuration, and component diagnostics in this course.

This course does not cover all components of SCADA Infinity. You will only study such components as InfinityHMI, InfinityReports, InfinityETL, InfinityIEC61850.You will study these components in more details than it was in the Administration course.

During the course, you will learn to create the following elements:

  • The InfinityHMImnemonic scheme is a form that includes several dynamics, layers, VBA scripts, an ActiveX element, and standard InfinityHMI elements.
  • The InfinityReports report is a sample of the report created from start to finish.
  • The InfintyETL scenario is a script that transfers runtime data from InfinityServer to a third-party database.
  • The InfinityIEC61850 projectis configuration of the project developed to obtain data from the RPA simulator. You will also study tools for working with oscillograms.