Software and Hardware Suite "ACT 1150"

The software and hardware suite "AST 1150" is the up-to-date solution for developing new systems and upgrading existing process control systems for controlling substations of any scale and complexity with use of SCADA Infinity. "AST 1150" meets the demands of automated process control systems in power industry nowadays, and allows to solve perspective tasks aimed to increase the level of integrity and flexibility of controlling power systems.

"AST 1150" Features

  • Data collection and transmission via IEC 60870-5-104 and IEC 60870-5-101 protocols,
  • Collection and measurement of power grid parameters,
  • Monitoring of high voltage transformers, switchgears, reactive power compensators, control equipment and transmission links,
  • Control of actuators, installed in substations with the voltage up to 1150 kV,
  • Monitoring of the current operation mode and status of the key single line diagram,
  • Electric power metering and balance calculations,
  • Automatic synchronization with a reference time to provide time stamp accuracy within 1 msec,
  • Process visualization and monitoring on the basis of unified displays developed according to standards,
  • Collection and transmission ofruntime, report and historical data to the workstation,
  • Visualization of real-time and historical data and reports at the operator workstation,
  • Generation and storage of alarms and events,
  • Real-time and historical signal trends visualization,
  • Historical database for measured and calculated signals, and commands (unlimited storage time),
  • Generation of reports customizable in accordance with customer requirements,
  • Access right management and remote access to operator screens via web interface.

"AST 1150" Consists of

  • SCADA Infinity (signal handling is up to 500 000 tags) - operates with standard Microsoft Windows solutions.
  • Digital and analog metering transducer displaying technological parameters such as current on each phase, phase andline voltage, power frequency, active and reactive power.
  • Remote terminal units and telemechanics units based on PLC ELSY-TM (EleSy), TM 1703 ACP and AK 1703 ACP (Siemens). PLCs consist of functional modules, standby of CP and communication channels.
  • Industrial servers of input/output, history, real time.
  • Standby computer workstation with two monitors.
  • Applied software with remote configuration.
  • Set of service tools (service software, engineer control unit).

"AST 1150" Advantages

  • compatibility

    "AST 1150" allows you to use the existing equipment of the substation (telemechanics systems, emergency events recorders, emergency control automatics, relay protection and automation, etc.) without debugging and replacement of components. When connecting with the existing systems of third-party manufacturers of software and hardware suite, "AST 1150" operates with standard communications protocols IEC-60870-5-101, IEC-60870-5-104, Modbus RTU. Such obsolete protocol as GRANIT and AIST are supported as anadditional option.

  • reliability

    Equipment used in "AST 1150", is of high level of fault-tolerance which is proved by stable work in different environmental and operating conditions including remote non-servicing objects.Redundancy of PLC CP modules and SCADA Infinity servers is implemented. Manufacturing "AST 1150" is organized according to terms of ISO 9001 standard on all stages.

    Digital metering transducers are mounted in separate hinged cases. Heating elementsfor low-temperature environment are installed into the cases, providing protection level up to IP65. This reduces the distance of the measuring circuits from the current transformers, which in turn increases the accuracy of measurements.

  • User-friendliness

    Access to the operational information of the automated process control system from any remote device via the Internet is realized for dispatchers. The system is protected from unauthorized access through specialized software security modules and identification of SCADA Infinity users.

    Remote configuration of the controllers software and terminals of relay protection and automation is realized for the operation services, which allows to significantly reduce the time for reconfiguration of the automation equipment and telemechanics of the substation.

  • scalability

    "AST 1150" is developed with regard to the further step-by-step increase in the system's performance with the expansion of processed data amount in the substation of automated process control system.

Typical block diagram of telemechanics on the basis of "AST 1150"

Typical block diagram of telemechanics on the basis of AST 1150