Oil pipeline automatics and telemetry «YuzhnoyeKhilchuyu» – «Varandey»

Oil pipeline automatics and telemetry «YuzhnoyeKhilchuyu» - «Varandey»

Location: Russia, Nenets Autonomous Okrug, territory of permanently frozen soil, climatic environment of the Arctic Region
Project Start: 2006
Construction start: 2007
Commissioning: 2008
Customer: OOO «Narianmarneftegas»

In 2006, EleSy company was assigned as a designer, developer, and supplier of the system of automation, telemetry and telecommand «YuzhnoyeKhilchuyu» - «Varandey».

Requirements to automated system

  • to provide uninterrupted and timely works on oil transportation, reception, storage, and transfer to terminal structures of the oil pipeline due to improved control of the production facilities and optimization of oil pipeline operation modes,
  • to provide safe operation of oil pipeline objects,
  • to monitor pipeline leaks and maintain optimum pipeline operation modes, economic and failure-free operation of equipment, environmental protection from impact of pipeline transportation on the environment,
  • to improve working conditions for a supervisor and operations staff of the linear part of the pipeline.

Under the project, the following systems have been developed:

  • Systems of linear telemechanics of the pipeline with the system of leak detection system,
  • Automated process control systems on terminal structures of the pipeline,
  • Automated systems of the fire signal system and fire-fighting on terminal structures of the pipeline,
  • Automated pipeline supervisory and control systems.

Telemechanics system

Linear telemechanics system was developed on the basis of ELSY-TM PLCs. The objects of the linear telemechanics system are 20 control stations with assemblies controlling valves, a station for launching cleaning and diagnostic devices, pig receiver.

The telemechanics system is able to

  • to collect and process information about the progress of production process,
  • to control production equipment,
  • to configure system parameters,
  • to diagnose the system,
  • to protect information,
  • to convert in two directions and transfer information through connection channels.

The automated system is intended to monitor, protect, control technological equipment of terminal structures, to maintain the specified operation mode and to switch the mode by the command from the supervisor workstation of terminal structures. The system provides:

  • advanced functions of automation of terminal structures,
  • enhanced level of reliability and durability of production facilities and terminal structures,
  • reduced working hours for maintenance of terminal structures.

The automated system of fire-fighting is intended to automate systems of fire protection and fire signal system for objects:

  • to equip the terminal with the automated and fire signal and fire fighting system,
  • to enhance the level of reliability and durability of production equipment and hardware and software,
  • to enhance the level of production safety,
  • to reduce human and financial loss in case of fire.

The system of local automatics was created on the basis of Siemens PLC and ELSY-TM PLC. The upper level was developed on the SCADA Infinity basis and WinCC, and operates in continuous mode 24 hours a day.


In August 28, 2008, a ceremony of commissioning the deposit and pipeline.

In March, 2008, the automated system for terminal structures was successfully commissioned. In 2010, the complex of linear telemechanics was successfully commissioned to control and safely operate with the pipeline.