Automated fire-fighting system in the Omsk polypropylene factory

Automated fire-fighting system in the Omsk polypropylene factory

Location: Russia, Omsk oblast
Project Start: 2011
Commissioning: 2011-2012
Customer: ZAO «GC «Titan»

In 2011, EleSy company won a tender to design, develop, produce, deliver, install, configure, and commission the automated fire-fighting system for «OOO Poliom».

The installed complex was developed on the basis of ELSY-TM PLCs and SCADA Infinity. The developed automated system meets up-to-date demands for reliability of the equipment which protect high-risk facilities.

This solution provides the hazardous industrial facility with the reliable automated fire-fighting system taking into account various production facilities, fire-fighting methods and geographically distributed production facilities of the site.

The installed automated system was designed on a distributed principal. Intelligent devices were approximated to executive units of the fire-fighting technology. Connection between remote system components and I/O servers is implemented via fiber-optic network with channel redundancy according to the topology of the self-repairing optical ring.

Address capacity and diagnostics features are developed in the fire signal system due to use of smart fire alarm devices and uniting them into interface circuits.