Automated process control system for shipping liquefied petroleum gas

Automated process control system for shipping liquefied petroleum gas

Location: Russia, Krasnodar Krai
Project Start: 2007
Commissioning: 2007
Customer: OOO «Maktren-Nafta»

The «Port Temryuk» terminal is the only transit port located in the south of Russia and used to annually receive, store, and board liquefied petroleum gas.

In 2007, EleSy company was assigned as a General Contractor and a chief developer of the automated process control system for shipping liquified petroleum gas.

Automatics conditions

The annual volume of transferring liquefied petroleum gas through the terminal is 300,000 tons. The volume of the tank farm is 6,000 м3.

The cargo capacity of gas tanker serviced by the terminal can reach upto 2,140 м3. EleSy company became a developer and supplier of the automated system with the following functions:

  • to automatically monitor and control production process of receiving, storing, loading liquified petroleum gas into the tankers,
  • to protect equipment and operations staff with emergency protection devices,
  • to visualize the production process in real time,
  • to automatically monitor and control support equipment,
  • to log history and create historical data base.

The unified control system is developed on the basis of SCADA Infinity and this fact allows to scale and develop the system. The automated system was developed according to the centralized hierarchical principle with redundant Quantum processors and geographically distributed input/output system on the basis of ELSY-TM PLC.


The first Russian terminal for shipping liquified petroleum gas was commissioned in March, 2007. For the time of terminal operation, the geography of exports has been greatly expanded.