System of monitoring coal production and preparation process

System of monitoring coal production and preparation process

Location: Russia, Kemerovo Oblast
Project Start: 2012
Commissioning: 2013
Customer: OAO «SUEK-Kuzbass»

In 2012, EleSy Company has become a General Contractor of the project called "Development of the project aimed to monitor main parameters of coal production and preparation process, analysis of effectiveness of enterprise resources use, control for product quality and assessment of security parameters of working operations". The project has been realized on the object "Kotinskaya mine".

The system has been implemented on the SCADA Infinity basis. Due to its wide opportunities the software managed to combine existing heterogeneous SCADA systems of OAO SUEK-Kuzbass into a single SCADA system using various communications protocols. Over 10 systems have been combined:

  • production systems (production (cutter-loader), roadheaders, elevator, conveyor scales, loading and quality control, electricity supply),
  • security and life support system (systems of monitoring, alert and search of people caught by emergency, gas shield, fire protection, water system, ventilation, water pumping, heat supply).

System Functions

  • Getting data about technological equipment status and values of process parameters,
  • Getting diagnostic data about equipment status,
  • Issuing telecommands and teleregulation,
  • Converting received data to required dimensions,
  • Control for reliability of technological parameters values,
  • Monitoring connection to data sources,
  • Receiving data from third-party OPC DA servers as a client,
  • Receiving data from existing local automatic systems which do not support OPC protocol. Data is transferred via communications protocols,
  • Getting access to DB of local automatic systems of essential technological systems which do not support OPC,
  • Providing access to runtime data via OPC DA specification.

There is unlimited number of connections to the system forgetting information.