Automated control system of methane production from coal layers

Automated control system of methane production from coal layers

Location: Russia, Kemerovo Oblast
Project Start: 2009
Commissioning: 2010‒2012, to the present day
Customer: OOO «Gazprom Dobycha Kuznetsk»

In 2009, EleSy company was assigned as General Contractor and chief developer of the automated system of methane and coal deposit.

In 2010, 2011, 2012, EleSy continued to expand the system because of development of new wells.

These are the requirements to the automated system:

  • to develop the system which provides security and reliability of gas production,
  • to choose and deliver equipment for system control,
  • to provide control of the whole system from the master terminal,
  • to collect signals from a large number of various sources,
  • to organize a distributed system of supervisory control.

The solution was based on telemechanics ELSY-TM PLC and SCADA Infinity, and solves problems of collecting data from all field facilitates ranging from wells to gas treatment center, flare stack, and shipment station. Numerous specialized equipment used in the gas production industry has been linked under this project.

A workstation was created in Kemerovo city (in the administration of OOO Gazprom dobicha Kuznetsk) when developing the automated process of the Nariksko Ostashkino deposit. The workstation is aimed to monitor the gas production process and gas preparation for transportation.


The field of methane production from coal layers was commissioned for the first time in February, 2010 in Kuzbass. Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian President, put the deposit into operation. More than 1,000 deposits will be commissioned in the near future.