Automated control system of commodity in oil refinery

Automated control system of commodities storage in oil refinery

Location: Russia, Kemerovo Oblast
Project Start: 2007
Commissioning: 2007
Customer: ООО «HK «KEM-OIL»

n 2007, EleSy Company was assigned as a chief designer and supplier of automated process control system and automated fire-fighting of the commodities storage in the Severny Kuzbass oil refinery.


  • to increase reliability and durability of technological equipment and automation facilities,
  • automated monitoring and control of technological processes of the commodities storage such as receipt, storing, and transfer of oil and petrochemicals,
  • to protect equipment and operations staff with emergency protection devices,
  • to visualize progress of the automated process in real time on operators' workstations,
  • to provide tools for creating reports and summaries about work of the technological equipment and operations staff.

Automated process control systems and fire-fighting system have been designed, developed and implemented to the object. The solution has been realized on the basis of SCADA Infinity and ELSY-TM PLC.

Algorithms of object emergency shutdown are realized with the help of PLC of autonomous system of emergency shutdown. The system is supplied with the automation complex. The system increases the level of object fault tolerance.