Complex automated control system of commodities storage in oil refinery

Complex automated control system of commodities storage in oil refinery

Location: Russia, Khabarovsk Krai
Project Start: 2011
Commissioning: 2014
Customer: ОAО «NK «Alyans»

In 2011, EleSy company was assigned as a designer, developer, and supplier of automated process control systems and automated fire-fighting systems for the commodities storage in the Khabarovsk oil refinery.

The following systems have been developed:

  • automated process control system for the delivery and acceptance point,
  • automated fire-fighting system,
  • automated system of technical record of electric power in the oil refinery,
  • systems of telemetry and telecommand of linear and station part of the pipeline,
  • supervisory system of the oil pipeline,
  • system for revealing leaks occurred on the oil pipeline,
  • system of automated pressure control.

Project solutions

Automated systems and fire-fighting system are realized on the basis of Honeywell products such as MasterLogic (PLC), Experion HS (SCADA). ELSY-TM (PLC) and SCADA Infinity are EleSy products which were chosen to develop systems of linear telemechanics and leak revealing.


Under the project, unique technical solutions have been applied:

  • A multisection container unit of large size was required to be produced for the linear section of the pipeline. The container unit consists of sections of the diesel power plant and control cabinets, transformer section with high voltage units,
  • High explosion hazard demanded to develop a unique ventilation system for the container unit of the pig receiver on the cleanup and diagnostic facility,
  • Automated ventilation system was developed under special conditions: with redundancy, heating and air intake on the 15 meter long altitude with high performance.

Implementation of individual automation systems on the software and element basis of one manufacturer allowed to optimize costs on integration and further exploitation.

Developed systems meet all up-to-date demands and can be easily scaled according to development prospects.


Conducted tests show that selected project solutions and developed automation system meet all demands of the Russian industry standards, regulatory documents of NK Alyans and AK Transneft.